Art Therapy and its Benefits for those with Dissociations  & DID ​ Ivory Garden 2017 Trauma and Dissociation Conference in Seattle, Washington

Class used interactive art materials and guided directives to teach ways to work with the anxiety and confusion of dissociation and DID while increasing awareness of the self. The class gave tools to use at home for grounding or with your own therapist for processing and clarifying. The class was for the use of the arts when you/your client/your loved one has dissociation and/or DID, from the Art Therapist perspective.


​​Art Therapy Retreat

Nature inspired art therapy retreat. Historic and beautiful Angles Camp, CA, weekend get away that included 12 hours of art therapy experiencials, learning and bonding. No art experience or creativity was needed. It was a guided art therapy retreat with a registered and board certified art therapist there to assist and inspire.

It was about being together, the process of creativity and giving yourself the breathing room to process and explore.


Photo Therapy 101

This class taught how to use photo materials for various aspects of treatment. Case studies were shared. Participants left with basic concepts and definitions of photo therapy. There were hands on photo therapy experientials with voluntary sharing and exploration of the process. There were photo therapy directives shown and experienced that participants were able to practice with their clients. This was a basic concept class. 5 CEUs were available


​48th American Art Therapy Association (AATA) Annual Conference. This workshop was presented at the 48th Annual Conference held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 8 - 12, 2017 . The title of the conference was "Art Therapy: Traversing Landscapes of Heart & Mind")

Workshop consisted of a PowerPoint presentation and interactive art-based directives on the best practices of working with those on the dissociate spectrum in art therapy. This workshop also included giving tools and resources to use at home for grounding with your own clients' processing and clarification.

Art Therapy and Photo Techniques for individual  & group therapy, art therapy supervision for registration/board certification and consultation to all professionals about client created art and specific populations.

Self-Care for the Caregiver Workshop
Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D, ATR-BC workshop designed for the caregiver to gain tools for self-care. Participants learned about empathetic distress, compassion and vicarious trauma. Participants also learned tools that they took home for continued self-care. Art directives were done to increase awareness of self and gain understanding of what to do to help heal and prevent empathetic distress and vicarious trauma. 


Notre Dame de Namure University Art Therapy Workshop - "Best Practices in Art Therapy with Dissociative Spectrum Disorders", 3 CEU's were available.

Typically once a month I host "Art Therapy Depression Group" and "Highly Sensitive Persons Women's Group" in Modesto, California.  There is a participation fee of $20 for each group. You can check-out the schedule and other particulars for these groups and reserve your spot by either going to my "facebook" page or contacting me by email at my address below.


Art Therapy Transformations Shows 1, 2, & 3

A traveling art show that exhibited at 3 locations throughout northern California. It depicted the process of art therapy through the art work of 5 anonymous individuals who've used art therapy to process and heal from life traumas. Viewers were invited to witness the artists experience through this transformative art show.

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Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D., ATR-BC, may be available to speak at your event or to your group or conference. These are some of her prior engagements.


Best Practices w/Dissociation & Dissociative Identity Disorder

Class reviewed how to best help and work with people who have DID or dissosiation due to childhood or adult traumas - cautions and interventions that help to build a strong and therapeutic relationship.
3 CEU's were available.

NOTE: This was an altered (extended with additional special aspects) version of the workshop that Cynthia Wilson did at the 2016 NorCATA conference in Berkeley Sept 16-18 2016.