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Professional Associations:

Art Therapy in Response to Natural Disasters, Mass Violence, and Crisis

With contributions from Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D, MA, ATR-BC and a range of other expert voices within the field, this book explores the use of art therapy as a response to traumatic events. Offering rare insight into ways in which art therapists have responded to recent crises, this is a unique resource for art therapists looking to coordinate interventions for large-scale disaster and resulting trauma.

Art Therapy Treatment with Sex Trafficking Survivors Facilitating Empowerment, Recovery, and Hope

Book is edited by Mary K. Kometiani, MA, ATR-BC, LPCC. Published by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, New Your and London.  Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D., ATR-BC co-wrote chapter 4 with Serena R. Coleman, MA, ATR, AMFT, PhD candidate -- Recommendations for Working With Individuals Affected by Sex Trafficking,

Lighthouse Live! Radio, Advancing Vibrant Communities "Real Answers for Real Needs!"

Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D., ATR-BC participates in the second half of the podcast dated September 13, 2010 (beginning at 33:42). Art, photographs and simple water color creations break through traumas to provide hope. This podcast was originally produced and presented live by Lighthouse Live! Radio.

"What is Human Trafficing"

Florin/Roebig Trial Attorneys provide information on just what is HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Read the entire article by "clicking" here or on the title.

"The Turlock Journal"

"Healing through art", by Andrea Goodwin, 5/10/10.

Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D., ATR-BC "...uses creative material to address physical, emotional issues." Cynthia "...can not only help a client identify a problem" she "can help them work through it." Read the entire article by "clicking" here or on the title.

Psychology Today Magazine

Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D., ATR-BC and her art therapy practice, Unique Imaging, are listed in and have been verified by "Psychology Today". You may visit her listing by "clicking" on the magazine's name above.

Northern California Art Therapy Association

Community Events

Continuing Education Workshops 2015-2016.

Fred Small- Hailed by Pete Seeger as "one of America's best songwriters". Fred Small's songs illuminate the goodness and courage of all kinds of people. Of particular inspiration for Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D., ATR-BC is "Everything Possible". You can find links to his music,, and

Foundations of Art Therapy: Theory and Applications is an essential and comprehensive introduction to art therapy research and practice that blends relevant psychological and neuroscience research, theories and concepts and infuses cultural diversity throughout each chapter. Dr. Cynthia Wilson is a co-writer to the book.

Art Therapy and Photo Techniques for individual  & group therapy, art therapy supervision for registration/board certification and consultation to all professionals about client created art and specific populations.

Art Based Communication for Individuals with Dissociative Spectrum Disorders

Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D., ATR-BC, studied using quantitative and qualitative methods designed to explore noninvasive ways art might help people on the dissociative spectrum communicate their physical and psychological experiences to health professionals.

Self-care and Vicarious Trauma Triggers During the Holiday Season by Cynthia Wilson PhD, MA, ATR-BC, Co Chair Vicarious Trauma SIG. Click on the title to take you to the holiday message by Cynthia Wilson for the ISSTD News, December 2022 issue (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation).